Toy Friend: LELO’s Insignia Line: Isla

LELO finally has a new line of toys and accessories and I’ve come into the fortune of getting my hands on their new Insignia Isla toy!  You may remember from my review of the Liv that I’m fairly impressed overall with the level of craftsmanship that goes into the quality of sex toys over at LELO.

The Isla is larger than the Liv, which I thought I would have a problem with because as you read in my review of the Liv it felt bigger than it looked.  While this is true for the Isla the new design makes it easier to handle and control penetration.  The sleek design is more for oohs and aaaahs from art majors, it contours just right to me.  The handle made it a lot easier for me to simulate being penetrated from behind which is beyond awesome because I won’t be getting any of that anytime soon.   It’s a lot more comfortable than solid toys of a comparable size.

The Insignia line comes with more innovation than just a nifty handle; along with a much nicer three-button interface they are 100% waterproof.  I was very skeptical of the claim that this was a device with a lithium battery that was waterproof.  My phone has one of those and one ill thought out wet t-shirt contest later it was useless.   As soon as I charged the Isla and turned it on I submerged it in a pot of water, much to my delight it kept on buzzing.

Waterproofing is achieved with a bit of ingenuity , some I wish Sony Ericson would invest in, all the essential electronic parts are sealed with the medical grade silicone that covers the outside of the toys body.  The port you plug the charger into is behind this layer with a super small hole, it stretches out when the charger is plugged in and snaps back shut when it’s pulled out.  Keeping water out and delicious orgasm inducing electricity in.

Another improvement is the new button arrangement the simplified three button design results in less accidental shut downs or locking during play.  The controls are also positioned in a way so you can move your hand from them while playing but easily get them when you want to change things up. I also thought it was cute that the toy came with a broach with that looked like the buttons. So whenever I wear it everyone knows I only fuck myself with classy vibrators.

There are 6 vibration settings, my favorite being the “random” setting. It’s not actually random, in fact its a pretty set pattern but it varies the vibration speed, intensity almost perfectly. It hums a litte song I like to call the Orgasm Symphony of Awesome.  The increase in vibration intensity is done smoothly unlike previous models that moved in preset notches.  Thankfully you don’t have sacrifice strength for privacy. The vibration is adequately intense while not waking the neighbors. Isla makes less noise than the pint-sized Screaming O FING-O with a more intense vibration.

The only drawback for me was the fact that like most LELO toys this is not a silicone lube friendly.  This wasn’t that big an issue for me but I’ve grown rather fond of silicon-based lubes as of late. They’re the best anal lube since spit.  Lelo makes their own water based lubricant that comes in an attractive glass bottle or plastic tube.  If you happen to only have silicon lube handy like me and don’t feel like getting a new bottle just for this toy you can just cover the whole toy with a non-lubed condom or a toy cover (which are usually cheaper).   It keeps your toys nice a sanitary and you don’t have to worry about harsher toy cleaners damaging the silicone.

All in all as far as vibrators goes the Isla is top notch.  Aside from using a few extra condoms I had no complaints about this toy and appreciated the company’s improvement on their toy’s design.  Hopefully they’ll make a similar toy with multiple independent vibrators.  The Isla has the BlasianBytch stamp of approval.

Final Verdict: Waterproof, whisper quiet and easy to handle , if the  slight limit to lubricants isn’t a deal breaker invest in the Isla.

Check out the full Insignia line HERE

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Author: N'jaila

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