Aaaaand We’re back!

When I said on twitter I was sick, I may have downplayed how sick somewhat. I’ve been pretty ill lately.  Just like any sickness you have good days and you have bad days. Sadly for me I had a lot more of the latter.

Luckily for me, I bounce back pretty quick and I kept myself pretty busy. There’s a new menu and there’s a ton of great posts in the queue ready to go.  Unluckily for me I tried to do some maintenance on the site had to wipe most of the people who manually subscribed to the site.  You’re comments are still here thanks to disqus, but the actual profiles are all gone.

I’m also pretty excited to say that I plan on attending Banana-II which is a gathering of Asian American Bloggers.  Which , I’m equally thrilled and terrified about.  I guess its the feeling all mutts go through when having to deal with the non-Black side. You start doing math in your head to figure out if you are Asian enough because your face might not get you in the door.  I think it will be a positive experience for me and hopefully we can get some sex positive dialogue going.

If you want to know more about Banana you can read up on Banana, its predecessor over at Channel APA.

Since I’m in the East that Banana II is in California I’m starting the fundraising now.  I hope with a new vanilla job I won’t have to worry but I can always use some help.

Bye for now,


(well see you in a few hours when I post the SHOCKING conclusion of my interview with J.T. Tran “The Asian Playboy.” In the mean time be sure to read parts one and two )

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