Toy Review: Womanizer W100

Whew, It’s been a while since I’ve found a product that got me excited enough to want to review it. I was fortunate enough to be contacted by EPI24 to try out their product. What interested me most about the product was their PleasureAir technology that promised a new way to stimulate and produce multiple orgasms. Unfortunate name aside I couldn’t wait to give the Womanizer a try.

You can watch my unboxing and first reaction after the jump. 


The Unboxing


This is, in my opinion, a well-designed toy.  It fits comfortably in hand, and it’s easy to move between the five intensity level settings while using it without accidentally changing settings. It’s a medium sized device at about 6 inches long and about 2 inches or so at its widest.  The Womanizer is all about direct clitorial stimulation. Unlike traditional vibrators which rely on strong vibration that can overwhelm and even be painful to some, the womanizer uses an air technology and suction that feels like tiny wind nymphs are gently patting you to orgasm at the lowest setting and a little more reminiscent of oral at the higher settings. Or this on your clit.

IMG_20160309_201651The packaging claims that some people have achieved orgasm in a minute, I have to say this was not at all my experience.  I didn’t time myself, but it took some time and concentration to get a very fulfilling orgasm.  It was a very light, sudden but intense orgasm.  The Womanizer W100 is a device made for sensitive folks; this is one of the few toys I’ve used on its highest setting.

The suction was relatively gentle when I say this is reminiscent of oral it reminds of the of oral you have when you’re 69ing.  Not as great as when your lover isn’t giving you their full attention but still pretty darn efficient.  I also liked that the Womanizer W100 is relatively silent when in use, once the section started it was lower than a whisper.

My First Time with the Womanizer

The Womanizer is a product that is the result of some much-needed innovation in pleasure devices. The suction and air-pulsating dual stimulation truly are unlike any other toy I’ve tried.  While I can see why others less sensitive might not get off with this toy, I did, and it was pretty glorious.

The Womanizer uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery, that can be charged with a USB or with an outlet. The body is phthalate-free plastic, and the stimulation tips are made of medical grade silicone and very easy to detach and clean after each use.

One thing that irks me a bit about the product is its unfortunate name, at best in invokes a Britney Spears earworm, at worst domestic violence. I also think that by explicitly gendering this product its discouraging other people to whom this new type of stimulation beneficial.  This device could be used as a gender confirming stroker for trans men and a pleasure device for intersex people of all gender identities.  By calling this toy the Womanizer, it also alienates some trans women who won’t get much pleasure out of it.

The bottom line:

Pro: Almost silent when in use. Feels like fairies dancing on your clit. Easy to clean and rechargeable.

Cons: Not waterproof, super gendered when it could help a bunch more people, for delicate flowers and may not be powerful enough for some. Pricey.

Bottom Line: The Womanizer is innovative, quiet and got me off despite the unfortunate name  The Womanizer is an Honorable Mention in the pantheon of self-fuck devices.

The Womanizer comes in a variety of colors; mine is Pink Crocodile, you can see other colors on   There is also a limited Edition slightly more compact Womanizer Pro W500 Model with eight modes of vibration.



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