Robert Hill Releasing and Mike Ramone Capitalize on Porn Valley Murder

I was flabbergasted when it was brought to my attention that a company was releasing a DVD capitalizing on the murder of Tom Dong and the death of clearly mentally ill Steve Driver.

For those that don’t know Tom Dong was a performer  who was slain trying to protect coworkers from being attacked by a recently fired Steve Driver.   Driver would end his life shortly after running from the law.

This just seems like the most soulless possible thing that could be done in this situation.

Robert Hill Releasing has released producer/director Mike Ramone’s ”Porno Samurai Killer,” a comp featuring the greatest scenes of murder/suicide suspect Steve Driver and his alleged victim, Tom Dong.

Police say Driver, 34, snapped last month and used a prop samurai-type sword to kill his friend and fellow porn performer Dong and slash two others.

A few days later, Driver, with sword in hand, leapt to his death from a cliff in the San Fernando Valley – aka Porn Valley – as police closed in on him.

”This movie is in honor of Steve Driver and Tom Dong (let them rest in peace) for their dedication and hard work for the adult business,” Robert Hill owner Lynton said. ”There is no business without all the actors and actresses.”


Honoring him? Have they seen their own box cover?  “He Murdered Him!”  is the focal point of not only the terrible cover but the entire morbid movie.  I would hate to think that anyone that could work with someone, live around someone and even write memorials for them could be involved in capitalizing on their death is such a morose fashion.

I don’t know what’s worst the badly photo-shopped sword or the ghastly taunting about the death of a man that died trying to rescue his friends? Perhaps its the honoring of the killer a lot more so than his innocent victim? In any case it’s disgusting.

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Author: N'jaila

N'jaila Rhee grew up in north New Jersey and graduated with a degree in Journalism and Communication media from Rutgers University in 2009. Rhee began exotic dancing while attended classes at Rutgers, and still dances at special events. Currently working professionally in media in the NYC metro area, she enjoys writing erotica, eating Nilla wafers and giggling at the word "balls".

  • They should sue.

  • Blaackiechan

    Does the profit from this video, or any portion thereof, go to help Tom Dong's family ? That's what I want to know …. and the answer is probably no.

  • I'm very liberal minded about what is and isn't disgusting to the point it shouldn't be done. $$$-wise, I can see why this is an idea someone thinks could sell, and I'm not against it for that, but the “This movie is in honor of Steve Driver and Tom Dong” pisses me off. Its one thing to do something shitty because you want money, that I understand. But to claim its for them, like this is in Tom dong's best interests? Thats were the line is crossed for me. There's nothing I can see about that boxcover that makes me think this is honoring anyone. I'll be honest; I thought this was some parody about the situation, which already had me shaking my head. “He murdered him!”? Thats not how I picture honoring someone, and it'll be an interesting testament to the current porn watching community seeing how well this sells.

  • Joe

    That's just sick. I can't believe that's the real cover. R.I.P Tom Dong

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  • What irks me is that this is less about Tom and more about the man that killed him and later killed himself. I find that problematic.

  • Blaackiechan

    Doesn't surprise me, some porn producers will sink to the lowest level to make money. I wish they could have made it titled “The Best of Tom Dong” or “Tom's last Scenes” or something like that.

    This is completely disrespectful.

  • Pellinore

    I have no words.