Toy Review: Fairy Wand Massager

I present the Fairy Wand Massager. This toy is kicking it old school.  It’s a wand massager that plugs into the wall!  Back in my pre-toy acceptance days I based my rejection of sex toys on one awkward experience with a vibrating want.

You see my Dad is an engineer, and was general fixers of all things broken.  Growing up he always had a workstation full of power tools. Those High Power tools that every three-year-old couldn’t resist trying playing with.  One day in the summer of ’89 my father, uncle and grandfather were working on refinishing our basement.  They happened to leave a belt sander plugged in, as I was innocently investigating my older brother was happily flicking switches. You can guess what happened next.  While I thankfully didn’t lose my face that day, my very rational phobia of loud power tools was born.

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