Does My Vagina Offend You?

Porn Star Misty Stone shows off her Fleshlight

I was perusing Good Health and found a interesting article on the origin of the Fleshlight. The male equivalent of the Rabbit.  Its the sex toy that isn’t creepy anymore.  The article talks about the quirky family affair that kicked off the invention of the toy by Steve Shubin.  It was pretty awesome, save for lure of the article, stated in the title “How to Market Plastic Vaginas: Don’t Call Them Vaginas“.   Let me get this straight, a disembodied sex organ is cool, as long as you don’t call it by its actual name?  Ya’ll know you’re supposed to cum in this thing, right?

Something about the notion that the clinical term for my genitals isn’t good enough for a sex toy makes my twat haz a sad.  “But we’re still looking for as wide an audience as possible. We wouldn’t want to offend any one person. The term vagina—like it or dislike it—it can be offensive to some. It can be too clinical to some. But a picture says a thousand words. If you say ‘lady’ and show a picture of a vagina, the point gets across,” says Shubin according to the article.

This is a disturbing notion, people are offended by the very thing they slid out of to begin life.  Obviously I’m not a man, but if I had a penis I would much rather put it in a vagina than a cock sleeve, pocket pussy or a stroker.  Vagina is even a prettier word than, pussy , cunt, cock socket, muff, fur burger, bearded clam, beaver,  snatch, twat, gash, or the plethora of slang that people have come up with.

Romantic language speakers should count their lucky stars that we are blessed with words like vagina, labia , vulva and clitoris to describe our precious bits.  Other language families don’t have it so lucky, would you like to play with your wife’s “scheide” or maybe her “pochva”? Would you get all up in her “indaam nihani” Not as poetic.

I wonder where this seemingly innate fear of vagina came from, and I haven’t seen a more in your face example of man’s queasiness with female genitals since Starship Troopers.  Its somewhat offensive that a plastic vagina in a fake flashlight case would be called a “Lady”.  Lady is a word usually used to describe the totality of a woman, her mannerisms, her wit , and poise things you just can’t boil down to ONLY a vagina.

While I can’t fault Shubin for saying what he said, it just sad that in 2011 what he said is true.

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Author: N'jaila

N'jaila Rhee grew up in north New Jersey and graduated with a degree in Journalism and Communication media from Rutgers University in 2009. Rhee began exotic dancing while attended classes at Rutgers, and still dances at special events. Currently working professionally in media in the NYC metro area, she enjoys writing erotica, eating Nilla wafers and giggling at the word "balls".

  • Paul_A54

    I guess for some “vagina” sounds medical rather than sexy, but avoiding the word completely as Fleshlight do is sad as you say 🙁

  • I’m a guy and my Domme and I refer to my ass as a cunt – because it loves to be fucked. Any word used to describe a vagina is going to offend someone, somewhere. So best just use the word you like to use and that you’re comfortable with.
    Nice blog.
    sev xx