Sinnamon Love Celebrates Her Birthday With Happy Endings AND MY CAMERA IS RACIST.

Porn legend Sinnamon Love celebrated her 38th birthday – yes you read that correctly 38th birthday – on Dec 30th.  I was delighted to be invited to cover the event and Sinnamon Love showed up more bubbly and adorable than most girls at wish they did on their Sweet 16.  The pint sized domme and adult movie legend was joined not only by porn starlets but also poets , authors and a iconic DJ.

Revelers from all over the country partied with the birthday girl at the aptly named Happy Ending Lounge in Chinatown and got down to DJ Tony Touch working his magic on the 1 and 2’s. 

Sinnomon Love and Love the Poet
Sinnamon Love and Love the Poet

Sinnamon brought together her two favorite groups of people, professional fornicators and Hip Hop Heads.  Ms. Love  has always been vocal about her love of music and hip hop culture so it wasn’t surprising to see Michelle “Love the Poet” Nelson in attendance. Nelson has brought her fusion of spoken word and socially conscious acoustic hip hop to the Nuyorican Cafe and many other NYC performance spaces.  Urban author Shawn Taylor was also celebrating , his new novel “Stickin’ & Movin'” was included in the guest grab bag an has been making my commute quite entertaining.

There were also some shinning adult stars , getting down and very dirty. Your favorite pornstar’s favorite porn star Sara Jay danced the night away with Tori Taylor , Ms Marshae and Natasha Starr.  MTV news even stopped by to get a quick video of Sinnamon is her cute , and revealing, pink  strapless party dress.

Sinnomon Love, Sara Jay, Ms Marshae and Tori Taylor
Sinnamon Love, Sara Jay, Ms Marshae and Tori Taylor

Its always great to cover events that brings together groups that would normally never meet on equal ground.  The crowd was a mixture of over-sized glasses wearing hipsters, hip hop heads and the finest of sex workers.   Right when the DJ’s where switching I was leaning on the bar nursing a drink when a Blonde hipsterette hungrily eye-fucking the hell out of the pink chocolate flavored birthday cup cakes asked me, “Are those chicks famous?”

I offered her the cupcake and told her “Yes, they’re adult actresses.”

“You mean porn?”


“They don’t act like it.”

“How should a porn star act?”

She pushed her ridiculous attention whoring glasses back on the bridge of her nose and thought  about it for a sec. “I guess like everyone else.”

Now if everyone else could finally get this.


A note on the photos: I usually use my own camera or a camera man to cover events. My camera died at Exxxotica NJ so I had no choice but to use my cellphone. The flash is broken, which resulting in my phone decided that White people no longer need to have faces and blurred them out of almost every photo.  Obviously one of my first goals in 2012 is to get a new , better camera so you can see events in a crisp clear way.  My apologies, and now embarrassingly terrible photos of beautiful people. 

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Author: N'jaila

N'jaila Rhee grew up in north New Jersey and graduated with a degree in Journalism and Communication media from Rutgers University in 2009. Rhee began exotic dancing while attended classes at Rutgers, and still dances at special events. Currently working professionally in media in the NYC metro area, she enjoys writing erotica, eating Nilla wafers and giggling at the word "balls".

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