It’s My 2nd Blogaversary! is 2 Today!!

It’s been a hell of a year.  Sometimes it feels completely unreal how this year has been, it was like my life was a Korean drama, only with a lot more esteemed authors, facials and porn actresses.  At the start of this year I was failed freelancer slumming it on my bro’s broken couch, now 356 days later I’m typing this on the same shitty laptop- but in my own apartment where I sleep on a bed every night, in a room with a door.  That might sound mundane as shit to you but to me its somewhat of a miracle.

In these 52 weeks, I had so many proud moments that I got to share with you.  Of course there was Banana 2. Which I still can’t believe wasn’t a hallucination , I got to shake hands and sit and talk with people that I only read about. It lead me to make a forum and completely fail at making a Blasian salon – but I was able to be visible enough to find people that were a lot better at it than me. So I saw it as a huge victory.  Of course I have my regrets about that conference  as well. I really wish I didn’t let prime teachable moments slip away.

Right before Banana 2 I wrote a post about the love/hate relationship I have with my big Black ass.  I thought I made it clear that its pretty shitty to treat a woman like her highest achievement are her buttcheeks. You would think a bunch of social activists would have picked on that not so subtle message. NOPE, 3 people asked to take pictures…with my ASS. They came up to me not to talk about the panel I was on- but just wanted to gawk at my booty. Never mind that I was the only Black identified woman there, never mind that that post was talking about how hopeless that kind of thing makes me as a Black woman feel.  Out of fear of being an “Angry Black Woman” I was all demure smiles but truth be told I out of all the times I’ve been in dingy strip parties, been grabbed. manhandled or had bills shoved where bills have no business being shoved- that moment when that woman asked me to turn around so she can take a picture with my butt is the most degrading.  I regret not expressing that to her.

When I finally worked up the courage to introduce myself to Phil Yu of Angry Asian Man , at the Banana 2 after party, he gleefully showed me a picture of a woman staring pensively  at a picture of my bum. Very hard to chit chat, when you’re already so nervous you want to vomit and now you feel like, “oh , great I’m just a joke to them.” When I got back to my hotel I was going to delete the post- but then someone commented on my facebook page to talk about how cathartic the post was for her.  So yeah, I know for a lot of people out there I am just  some dumb whore but it was up to me to show them that there’s something past the ass.  If there is any goal in mind for its to showcase a sexual being of color as a intellectual being.  My butt shenanigans didn’t completely sour my Banana 2 experience, but it sure as shit made me feel more dejected than any guy pouring liquor on my tits.  I should have made that clear , even if it would mean being the “debbie downer”.  I could have also refrained from deep throating a dildo in front of one of my favorite authors but hey no one’s perfect.

Another bright spot for this year was when I was asked to participate in the Interracial Dating Roundtables over at Racialicous.  I’ve been a loyal reader to that blog and in many ways that blog has influenced mine.  It was kinda an “ah HA” moment for me. Much like Banana 2 , I learned to give people a little more credit.  Being a sex worker and speaking about the adult industry has yet to hinder those I respect from reciprocating that respect.  This was really drilled into my head when durring my frist streamate show a college aged guy told me that he knew me from my blog, which he discovered when he had to write a paper about my round table on Racialiscous.  If you came up to me 3 years ago and told me someone would be reading MY writing in a undergrad writing course I would have laughed in your face. This is my reality , both terrifying and thrilling all that the same time.

Me at Exxxotica 2011 Where I didn't deep throat anything... Backwards

I’m happy that I did what I set out to do a year ago, make this a more sex positive blog, I’ll be doubling my efforts from last year. Last year I went to Exxxotica with a little social change on my mind. It didn’t work out as planned but I see a glimpse of what I want and I’m going to bust my ass to work towards that goal.

I may have not gotten on any top sex blog list this year, but I’m pretty proud of myself for sticking with this for 3 whole years.  I’ve been with this blog longer than any functional relationship I’ve ever had.  So thank you for 3 great years of bloggering and 2 great years of  If there’s anything you would like to ask , or want to see leave a message .

I love you all Deeply!,


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