My first Fetish Party: The Sybarite Awards

Fun for the Entire Leather Family!


Sexy Dancers
It was that kinda party.

During a torrential downpour in New York City a who’s who of the Adult and Fetish community gathered in an exclusive private penthouse. Hosted by Playboy TV and Spice Radio personality, Head Mistress of Hedoonline , Lola Bastinado .  International porn superstars, pent house pets and other celebrities attended the event.  This event was also my first fetish party.

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Manhatten Madam Kristin Davis Opposes Mosque Near Ground Zero

Manhatten Madam Kristin Davis from N’jaila Rhee on Vimeo.

Kristin Davis speaking at 49 Grove for her birthday party/ Petition Drive on July 17th.Davis was challenged on her opposition of a mosque being built near Ground Zero.

July 17- Manhattan Madam and New York gubernatorial candidate Kristin Davis celebrated her first birthday since her release from prison at Manhattan lounge 49 Grove.  Davis also used the event as a launch of her petition drive to get on the ballot.Davis needs 15,000 signatures to run.

Partygoers were greeted with semi nude models decorated with Davis’ name as well as marijuana leaves.  Campaign workers made rounds asking everyone registered to vote in New York State to sign a petition.

Davis said in the Daily Caller, “Either way I am confident that I can collect more than enough signatures from cadres of escorts, ex-escorts, strippers, dancers, dommes, gays, lesbians, Libertarians, Ron Paul supporters, U.S. Marines, rappers who revere the pimp or other lovers of freedom …” Continue reading “Manhatten Madam Kristin Davis Opposes Mosque Near Ground Zero”

These Might Tickle Your Fancy: