Got a Party in Your Pants?

Well now you can finally enjoy appropriate lighting…


Yes , that’s a strobe light for your booty.  This German item can be found here and for around $223 it can be all yours!   I’m not exactly sure why someone was convinced that it was inevitable to merge the worlds of anal plugs and festive lighting , but by God they have so who am I to question it.

What I really love is the sales pitch:

Okay first off… this will not be eye catching at EVERY party, I’m pretty sure no one will be impressed with your butt light shenanigans at Grandma Johnson’s retirement party. As for the parties where this kind of thing would be appropriate, I’m kinda miffed that I never get invited to them, then again I’m sure they smell like broken dreams and booty lube.  I bet they could have used a few at this party.

Secondly,  that whole  this is SO comfortable angle irks me.  They have a model with a 125 mm in diameter , I don’t know about you but having anything stretch my asshole 5 inches sounds like a major ouchie.  Of course the butt light model seems calm and cool  so maybe they’re telling the truth.  I can tell by her hands on ass approach that she’s a ass stretch professional.

What What in the butt....Was your mind blown by that? Well you should see the OTHER promotional shot they used on the site.

nothing to see here, just researching on the Dow Jones

I’m kinda torn by this picture , while I’m all for finding practical uses for sex toys…. I can’t imagine why Sensible Businessman here  wouldn’t just get a cheaper less ass oriented lamp. I got a lamp at Ikea for 12 bucks, this ass light is over 200 and that’s not even counting the hooker.

Now if  you are all for ass stretching… but don’t like the in-your-face-showboating of a strobelight, another company makes a less “Hey look at me version”. You can still be the life of the “let’s put stuff in our butt” party with these

Booty jewel

The much cheaper version at only $70  can be found here and I suggest you stop by because the product reviews are hilarious.  I also love that these are Extreme Anal Jewelry!  So when you wanna do a kick flip and drink some mountain dew, while also having something very pretty up your bum EXTREME anal jewelry will have you covered.

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