Nerd Porn, Are We Pwning Ourselves?

This month adult stars Misti Stone and Alana Evans are launching their gamecentric cam site to coincide with the launch of the much anticipated Gears of War 3.   According the to the press release the site will “the website will eventually host every gaming party, as well as provide in-depth profiles of each Porn Star Gamer Girl, video game reviews done by Evans and Dawn and provide plus clips and photos from previous Gamer Girl sessions.”   Sounds great for every fan of both porn and games (a vien diagram would just be one circle fyi).  But what about female game enthusiast?

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Mojowijo Wants to Play Dirty on the Wii

Wii FuckMy inbox has been flooded with people telling me about the Mojowijo.  To be blunt it turns your wiimote into a motion capturing fuckwand.  Now contrary to what you might be expecting I’m not going to openly mock this product, it actually is a pretty good idea just with HORRIBLE execution. Continue reading “Mojowijo Wants to Play Dirty on the Wii”

These Might Tickle Your Fancy: