5 WTF Sex Toy Companies

I’ve tried a lot of products, from many companies but these are sites offer toys so bizarre and so disturbing that I’m shocked that any of the products that they offer are massed produced.  So sit back and share the horror with me.  If you’re a little squeamish you might as well check out now. Continue reading “5 WTF Sex Toy Companies”

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3 Products Wrongly Marketed as Sex Toys

I come into contact with a lot of wacky sex toys, people have all sorts of kinks and fetishes that the sex toy market is eager to cater to.  I don’t knock that it takes different strokes  for different folks.  I get that but every once in a while I come across an item marketed as a sex toy that clearly would do better if shown to other markets. Here are my Top 3. Continue reading “3 Products Wrongly Marketed as Sex Toys”

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5 Things You See in Porn You Shouldn’t Do While Having Sex

Pornography is consumed by all types of people, and indulges our wildest fantasies but many forget that it’s just that – a fantasy. I know I’ve been with men that seem to not grasp that simple fact. Watching porn will not teach you how to be the world greatest lover no more than watching ER will make you a doctor. To spare the vaginas and moral of up and coming lovers I’ve made a list of the 5 Things You See in Porn That You Should Never Actually Do During Sex Continue reading “5 Things You See in Porn You Shouldn’t Do While Having Sex”

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10 Things You Need to Pack a “Ho”Bag.

This week my younger cousin moved into her first dorm.  As I sat in the car with her, she asked me to share with her the most important thing I learned in college.  A few things were running in my mind as a took a pause to think.  She then amended her question to “what’s the most useful thing you learned in college?”

Without hesitation I answered.  “What to put in your ho bag.”

What is a ho bag , you ask?   Ever gone to a club and seen chicks with those big ass purses and you can’t for the life of you think as to why they would bother with such cumbersome loads in a crowed ass club.  Those women are planing on being ho’s for the night. Those  satchels will see them through to the next morning.   It not just for clubs, or the random hook up its a college essential!

If there is one time in one’s life when they can act bat-shit stupid and get away with it, its college.  Let’s face it the only difference between college and Vegas is that in college the  sex is free. Continue reading “10 Things You Need to Pack a “Ho”Bag.”

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