Penthouse Pet Ryan Keely in “Escalation”

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While M.Night is still on my shit list for butchering and whitewashing Avatar: The Last Airbender , it was kind of cool to see Ms. Keely getting some shine. I was able to attend one of her Porn Star Sex Seminars and I got to interview her before and after.   I’m all about sex positive females. Continue reading “Penthouse Pet Ryan Keely in “Escalation””

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Film Erotica Worth Checking Out

So my trip to an actual movie premier last week has got me thinking about films.  I’ve taken a shit ton of classes on film, media theory and screen writing and all it really has amounted to was the worlds most impressive Netflix queue.   After talking with the wonderfully quirky Brittany Andrews about porn from a filmmaker’s perspective I started thinking about trying to review some porn/ erotica films that push the envelope and or deserve a little shine.

There’s a whole world of erotic film out there that so many people are ignoring. There is even an Independent Erotic Film Festival that is ONLY show casing films meant to titillate yet stimulate a little more than your erogenous zones.  There are good examples online as well as movies coming out that I’m interested it. Continue reading “Film Erotica Worth Checking Out”

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Adult Film Legend Brittany Andrews Talks New Film

I spent a few hours with Miss Brittany Andrews and discovered you really only need 5 minutes to fall in love with this woman.  My full interview with her will be posted soon, in the meantime enjoy her talk about her film These Showers Can Talk.

Continue reading “Adult Film Legend Brittany Andrews Talks New Film”

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Women Don’t Need Sex

“Women don’t need sex”

This is a sentence that someone has actually uttered to me in the last 24 hours.  When I questioned this man, who is 32 years old and married, about if he really believed what he said he defensively amended his statement to – “women don’t need sex as much as men.”

My response- “ Tell that to my throbbing pussy because she’s telling me that not only do I need some sex I should be getting it rather soon.” Continue reading “Women Don’t Need Sex”

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